By Nathan L. Walls

  • Sunset, Jan. 2, 2021/Williams Township
  • On Bougher Hill/Williams Township
  • Sunrise, Dec. 19, 2020/Williams Township
  • Sunset, Dec. 27, 2020

For 2021, I want to cover specific themes with reading. I expect these themes will be generally consistent year-to-year.

In a change from past years, I am only tracking books that I complete.


  • Human Factors, Technical Failure, Ethics in Engineering
  • Software Development, Software Teams
  • Sociology, Race, and Civic Engagement in the United States
  • Essays, Fiction, and Travel Literature
  • Photography and Art
  • Open Source Intelligence
    • Cartography
    • GIS data
    • Satellite imagery

Not every book will fit into these themes. That’s OK. I’m looking to establish some general expectations based on my interests. I’ve been interested in each of these themes for multiple years, even if I haven’t had the exact term to place on it.

I also expect to engage in diversity of authors and subjects. The simple parameter around that is no more than two consecutive books by white men.

Completed books