By Nathan L. Walls

Disclosure and transparency

I link to and write about what I find interesting. I engage in self-promotion for my software projects, photography, or writing. I write for myself and what I write and present here are my personal views, opinions, and research, and not necessarily the views of my employers, past or present. I’m speaking for myself here.

I am currently a software developer with VitalSource Technologies. The primary business of VitalSource is selling and renting ebooks for learning applications.

Previously, I have worked for: thoughtbot, a software consultancy, WebAssign, an education software service provider now owned by Cengage.

I have also previously worked for McClatchy Interactive and The Sacramento Bee in software development and online production capacities.

I have retirement accounts with investments in some tech-focused public companies, the S&P 500 and other stock and bond funds. My investments are long term, won’t move markets, and do not affect what I choose to do or write about.

Updated Jan 11, 2023