By Nathan L. Walls

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Disclosure and transparency

I link to and write about what I find interesting. I engage in self-promotion for my software projects, photography, or writing. I write for myself and what I write and present here are my personal views, opinions, and research, and not necessarily the views of my employers, past or present. Effectively, I’m speaking for myself here, not my employer.

I am currently a software developer with VitalSource Technologies. The primary business of VitalSource is selling and renting ebooks for learning applications.

Previously, I have worked for: thoughtbot, a software consultancy, WebAssign, an education software service provider now owned by Cengage.

I have also previously worked for McClatchy Interactive and The Sacramento Bee in software development and online production capacities.

I may comment on Apple, Inc and other things Mac or iOS. I own shares of Apple, Berkshire Hathaway, Amazon, Shopify, Slack, and Square. I also have 401(k)s and an IRA with investments in the S&P 500 and other funds.

In the past, my wife, Robin, and I were the principal shareholders and officers of Rex Luther Corporation, a subchapter S corporation, incorporated in North Carolina, since dissolved. I linked to other Rex Luther Corporation sites, primarily to highlight and market Crazy Like That, where we used to sell a variety of t-shirts, stickers and other things suitable for geeky shenanigans.

Updated Dec 29, 2020