By Nathan L. Walls

  • Clouds at Sunrise
  • Yellow in the Fog/Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Bougher Hill Foliage
  • Wood Pile/Stouts Valley

Editorial Practices

  • Read the source material before posting analysis or commentary on it
    • Articles: Read the article first
    • Study quoted in an article: Find it and at least read the abstract
    • “I heard about a study that says” roughly translates to “citation needed”
  • Research and report before writing, report and analyze according to what findings demonstrate
    • Start with a hypothesis
  • Post honestly held opinions
  • Avoid devil’s advocate positioning
    • Exploring the logical consequences of a counterposition is fine, but pushing back to be an asshole is not constructive and not necessary
  • Provide ample references and citations
  • Correct, adjust and apologize as necessary when new information is available
  • Amplify things that add value, when there is value to be added
  • Don’t engaged in arguments with people I don’t know
  • Be mindful of logical fallacies
  • Punch up, not down


  • Generally use Associated Press style with the exception of:
    • Oxford commas

More detail forthcoming

Updated: Oct. 21, 2020