By Nathan L. Walls


cor·pus |‘kôrpəs| nounA collection of written texts, esp. the entire works of a particular author or a body of writing on a particular subject: the Darwinian corpus. — New Oxford American Dictionary

Style and Structure

My intention for the site is to be easy to read with minimal intrusion and competition for your attention. Everything is HTML5 and CSS3 underneath with well-formed and semantic mark-up. The site is responsive, to provide a good experience across a desktop, tablet or phone.

Relying on evolving standards means some browsers aren’t going to show the site exactly as intended. If you’re using a recent browser, you’ll be fine.

Font faces: The body text is set in Georgia. Lucida Grande is used for minor accents. Headlines are set it Helvetica Neue. Backup fonts are specified.


Several tools are used to make the site. While not all of the software below is open source, I am greatly appreciative to the open source communities that build and maintain several of the tools I use.


walls.corpus runs on a DigitalOcean server.

Practices and Style

See here

Tip of the hat

My site is influenced by and benefits from reading and reviewing the work of several CSS and design luminaries and web minimalists.