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Tool Sharpening: Oct. 11, 2014

For some background on what’s going on here, see the first tool sharpening post

So, it’s been a little while since my previous entry. I’d like to thank a 10-day out-of-state and substantially offline vacation for that. I have been posting photographs from the vacation, over on Flickr.

Anyhow, before I left, during and after vacation, I have been able to do some technical self-improvement.

Environment + Process tweaks

  • Added two more smart folders in Mail.app
    • One shows me all mail that I don’t have filters for that’s new within the last 48 hours
    • The other shows me items still in my inbox that are older than two weeks, which I want to serve as a sort of “drop dead” period. If I’m not getting to it by that point, I’m not likely to get to it at all. Archive and move on.
  • Improved my incoming email filtering so fewer automated messages hit my inbox

Project work

There’s been little progress on account of the vacation work, however, I did start on implementing the service object for adding a pomodoro in my Pomodori project.

Skill improvements

  • Learned about Control-R to search through previous commands. I’d been using history | grep <cmd> for years, like a chump
    • This works, but Control-R is more efficient a lot of the time for

Articles read

These next two pieces are vitally important not because they relate to the technical craft of our industry, but the rather awful state our collective social craft is in within this industry. While we’re great at technically building social spaces and connections online, we’re really crappy at understanding how those same tools can be severely abused and mitigating that abuse. These two pieces are two of the saddest and troubling I’ve read. I highly encourage you to read them and reflect on them.

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