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Ruby Standard Gems

At work, I’m upgrading my team’s Rails application from Ruby 2.5 to 2.6. In the course of tracking down test failures between the two versions, I’ve found the following site helpful: stdgems.org/.

In short, it describes the gems that are shipped with Ruby and the versions that shipped with each version, which is helpful in tracking down behavior changes that might not be described by the language changes themselves.

In a case specifically relevant to how the application handles invalidly formatted CSV files, I learned that for the CSV gem, Ruby 2.5 shipped with version 1.0 while version 3.0, started shipping with the 2.6 series. That detail was helpful in determining that the way we structured the test for a failing case was no longer going to work, and I needed to restructure the test. Yay!

RailsConf 2017 talk: "Exploring the History of a 12-year-old Rails Application"

I’m proud to share the video of my talk, “Exploring the History of a 12-year-old Rails Application” from RailsConf 2017.

The full video is below.

You can find slides on Speaker Deck. Confreaks also has page for the talk.

This was the largest group I’ve presented to so far. While work began on the talk in February, 2017, I ended up working on it until about 45 minutes before I went on stage. I’ll have a separate “lessons learned” post about the talk and things I would like to do with the talk material in the future, focused primarily on some data I wanted to analyze in more depth, but did not get to.

That said, I enjoyed the heck out of putting this talk together and presenting. I could sense that points I wanted to emphasize were coming across based on the audience’s body language. The coworkers who directly experienced the circumstances I walk through in the talk said I represented those times well. I’ll take all of that as a win.

My thanks to Confreaks for their recording and production work.

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