By Nathan L. Walls


“Finding and Exploring ADS-B data”

“Growing internal tooling from the console up”


In the talk, I mentioned three books and one podcast. I’d like to properly link them here:

“Exploring the History of a 12-year-old Rails Application”

“Improving Communication Practices”

“Establishing Yourself”

“Improving Communication”

“Change is hard and easier than you think”

Summary: When you’re a new manager and have a lot you want to get done, it’s very easy to take your foot off the gas in response to obstacles you think you might hit, but might not actually be there.

Productivity of a Submariner

Summary: We can be continuously online, and that presents two problems. One, we expect to constantly drink from the fire hose and two, we train others to interrupt us at any moment. I’ll talk about why it’s a bad scene and a way I’m working at fixing it.