By Nathan L. Walls

  • Sunset, Jan. 2, 2021/Williams Township
  • On Bougher Hill/Williams Township
  • Sunrise, Dec. 19, 2020/Williams Township
  • Sunset, Dec. 27, 2020

Productivity of a Submariner slides and links

I presented “Productivity of a Submariner” at BarCampRDU on August 8, 2009. My thanks to everyone who attended and asked thoughtful questions about how this might or might not work for them.

I’m OK with not making it through the entire presentation. I learned a lot from the questions, and next time, I know to know my environment and time things better. Regardless, I’ve posted the slides of the full, intended presentation as a PDF document.

I had to gloss over resources at the end, so here they are in link form:

I’d like to extend a very special thank you to my wife, @5x5 for her assistance in listening to the early run-throughs and offering advice in tuning my presentation. For what it’s worth, she warned me about letting the presentation run off the rails with questions.